Welcome to the island of Hiddensee!

Rich in natural beauty, long dreamy beaches and cultural highlights, away from the otherwise crowded tourist hotspots: this is what makes Hiddensee unique! Some people like the almost untouched heath landscape between Neuendorf and Vitte best. Others see their highlight in the Hiddensee highlands, from which they have the best view.

Decide for yourself what intersts you the most. Enjoy the wide view over the Baltic Sea and the free and natural way of getting around on the car-free island of Hiddensee.

We look forward to seeing you!

Leuchtturm Dornbusch
Your trip to Hiddensee from Schaprode

Your trip to Hiddensee

Up to 14 depatures daily.

Your trip to Hiddensee from Stralsund

Your Excursion to Hiddensee

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Hiddensee via speedboat

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to the island

A faster passage and a longer stay on the island? No problem! You can "fly" to Hiddensee with our water taxis.

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Your trip to Hiddensee

Through the highland of Hiddensee

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