General Tariff Regulations (GTR)

of the Reederei Hiddensee GmbH

Status 1st February 2021

Dear passengers,

this information is intended for your safety and to create a pleasant travel atmosphere, so please read them thoroughly.
All passengers are required to follow the instructions of the shipping company and the ship's personnel. The ship's captain always has the highest authority in the event of incidents that affect human life and the safety of the ship and cargo.

We wish you a pleasant stay on board.
The team of Reederei Hiddensee


The outward and return journeys take place on the same calendar day.


The ticket entitles you to a single outward and return journey on different calendar days. The return journey can be made no later than 5 months after the outward journey.


Tickets for one-way and return journeys that have not been used or the return journey has not been used, as well as tickets that have not been submitted for reimbursement, are cancelled one year after the date of purchase and are therefore invalid.


Multi-trip tickets, such as 6-trip and/or 10-trip tickets, are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. Unused journeys within this period can be refunded. The respective standard fare and a processing fee of € 10.00 will be charged. A minimum amount of € 6.00 applies for refunds.


Children are defined as people between 4 and 14 years of age. Children under 4 years of age are carried free of charge and do not require a ticket.


The ticket is valid for 2 adults and 2 to 3 children (4-14 years). When choosing this ticket also indicate the number of children. The outward and return journeys cannot be taken individually.


People in possession of a disabled persons pass issued be German authorities with a degree of disability of 100% or, in the case of a lesser degree of disability, who present the eclosure with a valid token, are entitled to travel the following lines free of charge:

  • Stralsund - Hiddensee
  • Schaprode - Hiddensee

If the ID shows the symbol "B", an accompanying person is also transported free of charge.


In order to ensure a punctual departure, please arrive at the respective pier 30 minutes before the departure time with a valid ticket.
Please note that the ship does not begin the boarding process immediately after arriving at the port.


Hand luggage is carried free of charge. Hand luggage is luggage that is suitable for carriage in the passenger area. This includes briefcases, handbags, travel bags and similar containers, as well as other easily portable items that are not bulky, are not obviously for commercial purposes and can be carried and supervised independently and at one time on board without inconveniencing fellow passengers.

Other cargo, accompanying objects, boxes, baskets, trolleys and the like will be carried at the freight tariff and/or valid tariff chart if they are suitable for carriage on the passenger ships.


Cargo is all luggage which is not considered hand luggage or travel luggage. Cargo is subject to a separate tariff charge for carriage. For this purpose, the passenger must complete a waybill.
Please refer to the posted cargo rates and conditions at the points of sale.


Pushchairs are carried free of charge, provided they are not used for purposes other than those for which they are intended, e.g. for transporting luggage or animals. In this case, the fare for a handcart must be paid.

Bicycle trailers in which only children are transported are treated as pushchairs. Otherwise, the price for a handcart ticket must be paid.

This also applies to wheelchairs and other orthopaedic aids. These will only be taken free of charge on presentation of an appropriately marked pass in accordance with § 145 (2) SGB IX. Please note that due to weather conditions (water level) there may be restrictions on boarding and disembarking the passenger ships.


The permitted size of hand carts must not exceed the following dimensions (including the cargo/luggage to be carried): 1.00 m wide - 1.20 m long - 1.50 m high. If the dimensions are exceeded, a second handcart ticket or waybill must be paid.


Each passenger is allowed to take one bicycle, pedelec/e-bike, tandem or cargo bike, which is not subject to insurance, at the respective designated tariff. A bicycle is defined as a conventional single-seater two-wheeled vehicle. Bicycles with a wheel size of more than 12 inches are subject to a charge. Folded bicycles packed in standard bicycle bags, bicycle sacks or similar are considered hand luggage and are carried free of charge if they comply with the requirements for hand luggage. A tandem or cargo bike is tariffed like surfing equipment. As e-scooters are powered exclusively by an electric motor and according to the special use statutes of the island of Hiddensee all motor-powered vehicles are subject to approval for the use of paths and roads, the operation of these vehicles on the island is not permitted without a special use permit. Therefore, e-scooters are only transported at the bicycle tariff upon presentation of the special use permit.

Information’s for cyclists

Dear passengers and bicycle-enthusiasts,

Due to the increasing number of bicycles on our ships we would appreciate if you considered the following things:

  • Check- in 30 Minutes before departure
  • If you book online: book your bicycle tickets at the same time
  • Please remove your luggage bags for boarding
  • The capacity for bicycle-transportation is limited, so please stick with your booked departure time

Or simply use one of the many rental options for bikes on the island. (

Thank you!

General Terms of Carriage (GTC)

for carriage by ship by Reederei Hiddensee GmbH.

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