Destinations on the island of Hiddensee


The oldest, smallest and northernmost village on the island was first mentioned in a document in 1297.
Here you will find the oldest houses on the island.


Hiddensee's "cultural centre" with the "Gerhart-Hauptmann-Haus", the local history museum, the island church (1332) and the Lietzenburg. Not far from here you will find the lighthouse "Dornbusch" , the most popular destination on the island.


The largest village and "capital" of Hiddensee. Here you will find the administrative centre with the tourist information, ferry port and marina, as well as small romantic houses and cottages.
Landmarks of the village are the "Blaue Scheune" (blue barn), the windmill, the "Nationalparkhaus" (National Park House) and the "Homunculus" figurine collection.


The southernmost village on the island with numerous small cottages and thatched houses. In addition to the idyllic location and the romantic, sandy beach, you can find the fishing museum here.