From Vitte via Kloster to the lighthouse

When you arrive in Vitte, walk towards the centre. Here you can either visit the “Asta-Nielsen-Haus” or the “Nationalparkhaus”. If you want to discover the north of Hiddensee, walk towards Kloster. To do so, use a beach access and walk along the Baltic Sea coast in a northerly direction. At Kloster, take the beach access to the local history museum. The path continues towards the centre of the village past the “Gerhart-Hauptmann-Haus”. Follow the path towards the end of the village, past the cemetery and the church. Then walk in a northerly direction. The ascent leads over the “Inselblick”, where you have an incomparable view over the island. The path continues up Schluckwieksberg with its landmark, the lighthouse “Dornbusch”.

Reederei Hiddensee village house.

From Vitte to Neuendorf and the lighthouse “Gellen”

Once you have arrived in Vitte, we recommend you take your bike on a discovery tour of the small fishing village. Then set off for the south of the island. After about 45 minutes of very slow cycling or about 80 minutes on foot through the beautiful moorland, you will reach Neuendorf, about six kilometres away. Time seems to stand still in this dreamy place, which has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea. For the rest of the way we offer you two options, depending on your mood:

a) In Neuendorf you have the option of taking the ferry back to the port your departure or cycling back in the direction of Vitte.

b) Along the forest protection strip behind the Baltic Sea beach, you can cycle or hike south from Neuendorf to the lighthouse “Gellen”. On your way back, it is possible to hike part of the way along the dike crest on the Bodden shore. In this way, a visit to the lighthouse can become a roundtrip.

For the return trip, we recommend that hikers use the ferry from Neuendorf!

Reederei Hiddensee lighthouse in nature.

Visitig all tree villages, starting from Neuendorf

Get to know the different landscapes of Hiddensee on this large island tour: Salt marshes and wide sandy beaches in the south, heathland in the middle of the island and in the north the highlands with its broom bushes, forest and impressive steep coast. You start at Neuendorf port and cycle or hike north to Vitte (about 6 km). The landscape, overgrown with heather, silver grass and bushes, is a very special feast for the eyes, especially during blossom in late summer. Continue about four kilometres to Kloster and on to the northern lighthouse. From here you can enjoy the magnificent island panorama.