Island of Hiddensee - Pearl of the Baltic Sea

Finding pure relaxation and recreation at any time of the year is what makes Rügens “little sister” special. The healthy sea air will already be wafting around your nose on the crossing to the island.

This small island will captivate you at any time of year with its "gigantic uneventfulness" and sensitise your stressed body in a miraculous way. Hiddensee lies like a breakwater off the west coast of Rügen.

The inhabitants and connoisseurs of the island lovingly call it "dat söte Länneken", which means "sweet little land" in Low German.The diverse nature is a source of relaxation for stressed people.

Regardless of whether you hike, cycle or explore the island and its natural beauty by horse carriage, the following pages will provide you with information that will make your visit even more eventful!


The island of Hiddensee is rich in natural beauty and cultural highlights, so it's best to decide for yourself which highlight is a must see!



Discover the diversity of the island. During a hike you can experience Hiddensee for yourself.


Your trip

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